Kode Rank tracks achievement throughout all of Kodable. Every time you code in Kodable, your Kode Rank goes up! The more activities you do, the higher your rank.

How Does Kode Rank Work?

You can see your current Kode Rank at any time, shown as a number and badge next to your name. As you complete coding activities, your Kode Rank value increases. 

Your badge will also increase in brilliance as you master each coding concept.

Wondering how close you are to earning the next Kode Rank? When you complete an activity, your progress bar around the kode rank shows how close you are towards coding your way to your next rank.

How Can I Increase My Kode Rank?

Every activity you complete in Kodable contributes to your Kode Rank, so there are many ways to fill up your progress bar! Try increasing Kode Rank by:
 ⭐️ Playing levels
 ⭐️ Building a new fuzz
 ⭐️ Creating a maze
 ⭐️ Designing a game
 ⭐️ ...and more!

Level Up with the Fuzzy Spinner

Every time you increase your Kode Rank, you earn a roll on the Fuzzy Spinner! Here, you can win all new items and outfits for your fuzzes.

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