In addition to Kodable's many structured lessons and levels, learners can create and use their own custom Fuzzes by applying concepts learned throughout the product.

Where do my learners go to build a custom Fuzz?

When learners log into their profiles, the Fuzz Builder is located on the left side of Fuzztopia. It unlocks through gameplay as follows:

Home Version:

Once a learner has completed one level of Smeeborg and moved up to Rank 1, the Fuzz Builder unlocks in Fuzztopia.

School Version:

Once a learner has moved up to Rank 4, the Fuzz Builder unlocks in Fuzztopia.

Why don't my learners have access to the Fuzz Builder or more properties to use to create their custom fuzzes?

  • Additional properties to use in Fuzz designs are awarded as learners complete levels.
  • Every time a learner moves up a rank (by completing several levels and completing challenges), they earn a spin at the properties wheel.
  • Learners spin the wheel and tap “stop” to see which new property they won. Properties that can be won include new body colors, mouths, eyes, and fun costume accessories.

How do my learners use their custom Fuzzes?

Once a learner has created and saved their new Fuzz, that Fuzz becomes available for the learner to select as their avatar to play with throughout Kodable.

How to get started? 

Try this beginner activity introducing properties to make a Fuzz!

Check out our introduction to the Fuzz builder mini-lesson, "Fuzzy Friends", in our Lesson Library to get students started.

Learn more about the KODE editor in Kodable here

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