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Common questions about the Fuzztopia Store
Common questions about the Fuzztopia Store

Earn Koins by completing challenges in Kodable, then you can purchase custom decorations and Fuzz costumes in the Fuzztopia Store!

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Kodable’s Store: Where Learning Meets Fun and Fuzziness!

The Fuzztopia Store is a place where kids can trade in Koins earned throughout Kodable for custom decorations to put on Fuzztopia and costumes for their Fuzzes. To access the Fuzztopia Store, students will need to reach level 4 Kode Rank.

How do I unlock the Fuzztopia store? 

When you reach level 4 Kode Rank, you will be able to enter the Store and start buying items. Kode rank can be found in the top right corner of a players profile.

How do I earn coins? 

Players earn Koins in Kodable with every challenge they complete!
 ⭐️ Playing levels
 ⭐️ Building a new fuzz
 ⭐️ Creating a maze

⭐️ Caring for their pet
 ⭐️ ...and more!

NOTE: You can not purchase coins with real money. They are not an In-App purchase. 

What can I buy in the Fuzztopia Store? 

Players can buy costumes for their Fuzzes, decorations for Fuzztopia and even unlock exciting costume bundles. PRO members get a free item each week so don't forget to check back!

How do I decorate Fuzztopia?

After purchasing an item in the Store, you can place it on Fuzztopia using the decorations drawer! 

Get creative with your decorations! It's fuzz-tastic!

Can I use Fuzztopia store with a Pro profile? 

Yes! Students who have a Kodable Pro Membership will be able to access the store at home and all their decorations will show up on Fuzztopia between their home and school profiles. 

How do I get my Fuzztopia decorations to show up at school?

  1. Login to Kodable with your Kodable Pro membership and link your school profile using your Parent Code. All your Koins, Fuzzes, and awards will show up in your home profile. 

  2. Decorate Fuzztopia with items from the store.
    Then when you login at school, you will see all your beautiful decorations!

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