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How can I use Clever with Kodable?

This article explains which Clever features are free and which ones are paid.

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Using Clever with Kodable has never been easier! Clever allows you to manage all your schools, students, classes and teachers in one place. Using Clever with your Kodable account makes teaching your students to code even easier with minimal set up.

How Clever works with a Premium+ Kodable School Account

If you purchased the Curriculum Add-on, School or district leaders can manage all your students, classes, and teachers within Kodable using Clever. Game Access and Free plans do not have access to managing classes with Clever integration. 

This allows schools and districts to set up Kodable for top-down deployments. Once your district's Clever integration is approved, you can choose what data to share with Kodable and allows batch syncing (so that, for example, if a district buys 15 licenses to Kodable, they can share those users at once versus each individual teacher needing to separately sign up for Kodable through the Library).

How Clever SSO works with a free Kodable Account

If you have a free Kodable account, you can now utilize the Clever Single Sign-On integration for easy rostering and student sign-in. To get started, simply add Kodable to your Clever Dashboard. Then, grant Kodable access to your rosters and import your classes. For a detailed guide on adding Clever SSO classes as a free user, click here!

For more details about how to set up your District Kodable account with Clever, take a look at our Clever integration set up guide here

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