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How do my students log into their profiles at school?
How do my students log into their profiles at school?

Get your students logged into their profiles when coding with Kodable at school.

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This article will include two methods for easily getting your students logged into their Kodable school profiles! The two sign in methods are:

⭐️Scanning a QR Code

⭐️Entering in a Class Code

How to login with a QR Code on iPad?

Using a QR code is the easiest and most user-friendly option for students logging in on iOS devices. Additionally, your students will only need to use the QR code once to sign in. After your students login using the QR code once it will be saved on their device moving forward. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this method!

1. Open the Kodable App

To use a QR code to login your students will first need to have the Kodable app downloaded on their iOS device. Next, they will need to open the app.

2. Click "Scan QR Code"

From the login screen students will now see an option to scan their QR code. After the QR code has been scanned they will see an option to select their name from their class list and begin coding.

Note: Students must be scanning their QR code from within the Kodable app for this process to work.

How do I find the QR Code?

Wondering where to find your QR codes? No problem! QR codes can be located from within your Teacher Dashboard. To locate follow the steps below.

1. Sign into your teacher account and from your teacher dashboard select the class you are trying to get logged in. In this example, I'll be using the 2nd Grade Coding Class.

2. After selecting the class you wish to login, click the settings gear and select "Show QR Code". By doing this you can project your QR code for your class and students will be able to scan this code from within the Kodable app.

How to log in with a Class Code on Web

Another method to sign in is using a Class Code. Teachers can find their class code at the top center of their teacher dashboard:

1. Open Kodable

Students go to

2. Select "Log in"

Choose 'Play at School'

Enter Class Code and press 'Log in'

Choose their profile name from the class list.

If this process is too challenging for younger students, we have some great workaround ideas! Check out this article to learn more about making web login even easier.

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