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What Can My Students Do in Kodable Basics?
What Can My Students Do in Kodable Basics?

Students can build, solve, and share maze levels and games. Design your own fuzzFamily in JavaScript or program your own virtual robot!

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Kodable has a lot to offer! The most popular place teachers direct students for the first time is Fuzztopia (look for the tree house!) Each Kodable course is a collection of game levels and videos related to a specific topic. In the game, each course is its own planet. Learners can explore all the courses by traveling around the galaxy map, shown below:

The fire symbolizes the level of difficulty for each course, serving as an indicator for students. They have the flexibility to navigate through the galaxy in a clockwise direction or explore different courses based on their preferences and interests.

Current List of Kodable Courses:

Introductory Courses:

• Fuzztopia (Kodable Basics)

Beginner Courses:

• Smeeborg (Sequencing and Branching)

• Beach Cleanup

• Cloudhaven (Sequence Extra Practice)

Intermediate Courses:

• Aquatopia (Patterns and Repeats)

• Asteroid Belt (Intro to Variables)

Advanced Courses:

• Moongarden (Functions and Pattern Decomposition)

More to Explore Within Kodable:

There are so many unique places to show off your creativity in Kodable! Students can design their own mazes, games, pet homes and our special characters, Fuzzes.

Students will unlock the following creative buildings in Fuzztopia after they reach different Kode Ranks!

⭐️Pets opens at Kode Rank 4

⭐️Fuzz Builder opens at Kode Rank 5

⭐️Maze Maker opens at Kode Rank 6

Fuzz Builder

Students build their own Fuzz (or complete fuzzFamily!) in JavaScript or Swift. 

  • Students will create fuzzes by adding and changing fuzz properties in JavaScript or Swift syntax (body color, eye color, type of mouth, accessories) to design their fuzz. 

  • Additional properties (costumes, items) to use in fuzz designs will be awarded throughout level completion in the game.

  • Don't forget to enable passwords on your student profiles to keep fuzz designs and names secure on student accounts!

Maze Maker

Students design their own levels and apply coding concepts such as sequence, conditions, loops, and functions that are learned throughout the game. In Maze Maker, students can design and decorate their own mazes, share them with their classmates or publish their mazes so children around the world can play and react.

Maze sharing is completely anonymous and will not share any personal information about the child. Any questions? Check out our privacy policy.


Our Pets aren't just fuzzy and cute, they also help us learn a lot of neat things! Robotics and automation are all around us and continue to evolve. In Kodable Pets, children are able to program robots to help care for their pets. Want your dog, Spot, to be fed instantly? Program your CareBot to give him a cupcake every time he's hungry. As children move through pets, they will be able to increase their kode rank, unlocking a variety of CareBots and design the Pet room of their dreams.

Learn more about Pets here.

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