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What is Pets and How Do I Access it?
What is Pets and How Do I Access it?

Meet the newest (and cutest) fluffy friends in Pets! Put your coding skills to test as you learn how to train and care for your pet!

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Calling all pet lovers! Welcome to Pets, where we seamlessly blend robotics and programming with our beloved furry companions! Keep reading to learn all about Kodable's mission driving Pets, uncovering the latest updates, and learning about the coding concepts taught in this area!

What is 'Pets' all about?

Our new friends aren't just fuzzy and cute, they also help us learn a lot of neat things! Robotics and automation are all around us and continue to evolve. In Pets, children are able to program robots to help care for their pets. Want your dog, Spot, to be fed instantly? Program your CareBot to give him a cupcake every time he's hungry.

Locating Pet Land

Once in Fuzztopia, check out the Pet Land treehouse to access Pets. This is located on the right side of your screen.

How to Care for your Pet

Pets have three main needs: food, cleanliness and entertainment. When your pet has a need, click on it to receive some options. In the photo below you can see Blue needs a wash! Remember to check in with your furry friends every day! If you don't, you might find a surprise mess left by your unhappy pets.

How do CareBots Work?

CareBots are little robots in Pets that can be programmed to automatically attend to your pets needs. CareBots will be unlocked as you progress through the game. This automation allows your pet to be cared for when you're away and help when your pets have many needs at once!

Build Your Coding Skills

In Pets, students will recognize familiar icons throughout the game, enhancing their learning experience. Begin by creating basic functions with simple sequences to command your CareBot to feed, clean, or play with your pets. As you progress, incorporate loops to handle repetitive tasks, ideal for growing pets that need extra care. Finally, master conditionals to ensure your CareBot meets your pets' specific needs at the right time.​

Take Your Pet on an Adventure

You can now take your pets on exciting walks through mazes as you explore different planets on our galaxy map! Pick your favorite pet and solve fun coding challenges together.

Currency System and Rewards

Every day that you log in to pamper your pets, you'll start earning golden "paws." Think of paws as your pet's way of saying thank you with a shiny coin! Remember, a happy pet makes for a happy coder! Want to know when you'll earn your next paw? Watch the gift bar at the top of the screen fill as you keep your pets happy.

Using Your Golden Paws

These paws aren't just for show; they're your ticket to a world of pet paradise. Use your golden paws to purchase new toys or delicious treats! Click on your pet and buy new items for them to enjoy. You can also visit the Pet Land store to buy decorative items for your pet's home. Just select the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen to see what you can buy with all your hard work!

Evolution of Pets

In Kodable, pets grow just like you do! By logging in each day and caring for your pet, you'll help it meet its needs and evolve. With love and attention, your pet will thrive and change over time.

Looking for more Pets resources? Check out these fun unplugged activities below!

Note: Premium and Premium+ subscribers have the option to enable or disable various areas in the game. Pet Land is automatically enabled but can be disabled using the Manage Fuzztopia tool explained below. Buildings unlock when students earn the keys. Teachers can override the keys students earn and lock building within Fuzztopia at their discretion .

Go to My Classes, Assignments then Manage Fuzztopia

You can chose to lock certain buildings or all of them by moving the toggle to left, locked state and then saving changes.

Note: This is a Premium/Premium+ feature.
​ We hope you love our furry friends just as much as we do! Happy Coding!

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