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Getting Started with Kodable Creator Courses
Getting Started with Kodable Creator Courses

Discover Kodable Creator Courses: mission structure, types, course content, progression, mastery, and access for teachers and students.

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Getting Started with Creator Courses

Welcome to Kodable Creator Courses! These interactive courses teach coding fundamentals and how to use Creator's features. Creator offers two courses: High Flyer and Run & Jump - with many more courses coming soon!

Each course features 4 missions with objectives as levels for students to complete: Debug, Elevate, Hack, and Master. Complete all objectives to finish a mission. Mastery of both courses unlocks Free Create, where students can endlessly code their own games!

Mission Structure

Each mission includes several objectives broken down into easy-to-follow tasks. These tasks guide students step-by-step, making the learning process fun and manageable. Here’s a quick overview of the mission types:

  1. Debug Missions: Focus on identifying and fixing errors in existing code. This helps students understand how code works and how to troubleshoot.

  2. Elevate Missions: Encourage students to build upon basic functionalities, teaching them how to enhance and add features to their projects.

  3. Hack Missions: Introduce students to code manipulation, enabling them to alter code for new and diverse behaviors.

  4. Master Missions: Challenge students to combine all their learned skills to solve complex tasks, fostering a deeper understanding and mastery of coding concepts.

High Flyer Course

In this exciting challenge, you’ll take control of a plane that moves left and right and shoots BeeDarts straight up. You’ll help build code so the game runs smoothly!

Students will learn:

  • How to modify properties

  • Modify variables to add score

  • Object relationships

Run & Jump Course

In this fun course, you’ll develop your coding skills to control a magical Pegasus that can jump, drop, and move left and right.

Students will learn:

  • How to modify properties

  • Object variants

  • Modifying variables and adding health

Progression and Mastery

Students progress through each course by completing missions. Upon finishing all missions in a course, they will have mastered that course and can proceed to the next one. Mastery of both courses unlocks the Free Create level, where students can:

  • Apply the coding skills they’ve learned to create their own games.

  • Experiment with new ideas

  • Engage in endless creative possibilities within the Creator environment.

Supporting All Learners

Creator courses are designed for grades 3-5 tailored with diverse needs in mind! CatBot, our AI assistant, provides clear instructions in the debrief panel through easy-to-understand text and verbal cues. If you're stuck, simply click the "need help" button on the panel for on-screen visual guidance. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their reading and writing abilities, can enjoy learning to code and have fun!

Once students master the course and enter the Free Create area of the game, they can ask CatBot, our AI coding companion specific questions to help design their very own game.

How to Access: For Teachers

Getting your students on Creator is effortless! Simply enable Creator access on your dashboard by clicking your class and selecting the Creator icon on the "My Courses" page. The Creator icon will be colored when access is enabled, as shown in the picture below. Conversely, Kodable Basics is disabled when it appears greyed out.

How to Access: For Students

Once the teacher has enabled creator, students will have immediate access! All they need to do is log in and select the Creator icon to begin. Once in Creator, they must begin with the first course, High Flyer. Remember, access to other courses and Free Create will be locked until they have mastered the skills to move on.

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