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Valentine's Day 2024
Valentine's Day 2024

Help your students code a Valentine and share it with their friends and family

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Valentine's Day 2024 is here and it's time to spread the love!

Kodable's 2024 Valentine’s Day Coding Activity lets students code and decorate their very own Valentine mazes for their loved ones. The activity is available on both the web and the iOS app starting on February 5th through February 18th.

Download teacher instructions HERE

Please note: if using the Kodable App on iOS, you'll need to update to our latest version to access the activity.

How do my students create their Valentine at School?

  1. Make sure your students have either completed Kodable Basics, a quick ~5 tutorial that auto-launches the first time students login to Kodable.

2. Students will watch a quick ~2 minute video, select "Code Your Valentine".

3. Students will follow the Maze Maker prompts to complete their Valentine maze.

Pro Teacher Tip: Make sure students complete the maze from the left side of the screen to the right and ensure there are no gaps. To test their maze, they will also need to place all three stars on the maze path.

4. When students finish, they will be able to write a sweet message to send home.

Pro Teacher Tip: Display sample messages on your board for students to see examples of messages to loved ones.

How can student's Valentine Mazes be viewed at Home?

Students can share their Valentine maze creations with loved ones by using their class code on Kodable from home. Find class codes on your teacher dashboard or refer to 'Student Instructions' for all the details.

After ensuring you students have their class code to use at home, direct students to sign into their Kodable account from the app or web.

2. Next, students will select the"Play at School" option and enter in their class code.

3. Once signed in using their class code, students will be asked where they are playing, they will choose "Home".

Notice: We are currently in the process of enhancing the login experience for students accessing our platform from home. We appreciate your patience during this transition.

4. Students can open and play their Valentine's or create more with their family.

Note: Students who are on a free Kodable plan will have the option to create two Valentine mazes. If your student is on a Kodable paid plan they will be able to create four mazes.

Need more solutions or support? Click this link to the FAQ page or reach out to us directly at! Happy Coding!


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