Valentine's Day 2023
Help your students code a Valentine and share it with their families!
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Valentine's Day is here and it's time to spread the love!

Kodable's 2023 Valentine’s Day Coding Activity lets students code and decorate their very own Valentine maze to send to their loved ones. The activity is available on both the web and the iOS app from February 1st-February 17th.

Please note: if using the Kodable App on iOS, you'll need to update to our latest version (15.9.10) to access the activity.

How do my students create their Valentine?

  1. Make sure your students have either completed Kodable Basics or reached a code rank of 3 if you've unassigned the Kodable Basics course.

  2. The activity will be visible on student profiles when they log in once they are a code rank 3 or higher.

3. Students will watch the video, select "Code Your Valentine", and follow the Maze Maker prompts to complete their Valentine maze. Once the maze is tested and solved, students will enter a note and share their Valentine with someone they love.

How is the Valentine delivered when a student "Shares" it?

Kodable will send Valentines to all e-mail addresses of registered Parent accounts.

If a child's family has not registered for a free Kodable Parent account or is not connected to their child's School profile yet, they will need to register to receive the Valentine.

How to invite parents to connect with their child's school Kodable Account.

You have two options to connect families to participate in the activity:

Option 1: Individual Printouts: print a handout with instructions for each student

Option 2: Class Invite Link: Share a unique URL with parents of each class to look up their child and register.

Parents will open up the URL to see the page below and select their child's name.


Where Can I view the Valentines my students make?

Teachers can view all of their students' Valentine's creations directly on their Teacher Dashboard by clicking Learn More. Scroll down to "View your Valentines" and you'll see each of your classes listed and can view Valentines made by students in each of your classes.

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