Each Kodable course is a a collection of game levels and videos related to a specific topic. In the game, each course is its own planet! Learners can explore all the courses by traveling around the galaxy map, shown below:

Current List of Kodable Courses:

  1. Kodable Basics - for all ages

  2. Sequencing and Branching - for all ages

  3. Patterns and Repeats - for learners 7-10 years old

  4. Beach Cleanup - for all ages

  5. Intro to Variables - for learners 7-10 years old

  6. JavaScript Basics - for learners 8-10 years old

Course Name

Planet Name



Kodable Basics


  • Intro to sequencing

  • Intro to conditions

  • Intro to Kodable

  • 0 videos

  • 9 free levels

Sequencing and Branching


  • Sequencing

  • Conditions

  • Debugging

  • 2 videos

  • 15 free levels

  • 18 Pro levels

Patterns and Repeats


  • Loops

  • Functions

  • 2 videos

  • 20 free levels

  • 30 Pro levels

Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup

  • Sequencing

  • Conditions

  • Loops

  • Functions

  • Environmental Science

  • 4 videos

  • Unlimited free levels

Intro to Variables

Asteroid Belt

  • Booleans

  • Equality

  • Arrays

  • 3 videos

  • 21 free levels

  • 41 Pro levels

JavaScript Basics

Bug World

  • Objects

  • Classes

  • Properties

  • 0 videos

  • 13 free levels

  • 3 Pro levels

Courses FAQs:

What is in each course?

Each Kodable course is a a collection of self-directed game levels and videos related to a specific topic. Courses include their own course map and special landmarks for learners to explore.

In what order should learners complete the courses?

Every learner will start with the same Kodable Basics course. Once this course is completed, the rest of the Galaxy will open up. From there, learners can choose which planets/courses they wish to explore - there is no required order. Teachers have the option to assign or un-assign courses at any time, which will control what courses students have access to.

Why do all kids need to do the Kodable Basics course first?

Kodable Basics introduces some foundational coding concepts as well as orients learners to the Kodable game. It's important for learners to get a feel for what Kodable is like and gain some confidence before moving on to the rest of the game.

How do my students/children get access to "Pro" levels?

There are two ways to get access to Pro levels! 1) Schools can purchase a site license to upgrade to Pro and get school-wide access to all for all student profiles. 2) Parents can purchase a Pro membership so the learner will get access to premium levels while playing at home.

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