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What content is free for teachers?
What content is free for teachers?

Get free access to teacher-focused learning materials: videos, concept overviews, and on-screen lessons by grade level.

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We understand that Premium pricing may not work for all teachers and schools, which is why we are committed to offering a collection of game levels and teacher resources for free.

Start by setting up your Kickstart account!

Free Teacher Resources

Once you’re set up, you will get access to:

  • Class management tools

  • Course guides

  • Lesson Library

  • Student videos

  • Progress reporting

  • Teacher demo version of the game

Snapshot of the free teacher dashboard:

Your free teacher account never expires, so you can use it for an unlimited time.

Free Game Levels

When you set up your Kickstart account and set up your class(es), you will get a unique class code. Students can use this class code to log into Kodable and access a selection of game content at no cost.

Below is a list of the number of free levels in each of the Kodable Game Courses:

Course Name

Kodable Basics

Sequencing and Branching (Smeeborg)

Patterns and Repeats (Aquatopia)

Beach Cleanup

Intro to Variables (Asteroid Belt)

Free In-Game Projects

The projects in Kodable are all available for free! Students can design unlimited creations. This includes:

Fuzz Builder

Students use JavaScript, Swift, or C syntax to create their own fuzz characters.

Maze Maker

Students design their own maze and code a fuzz to roll to the finish. Learners have unlimited coding access, are able to publish their own mazes and can play other student-made levels from around the world!


Students will put their coding skills to the test with their new, favorite furry friends! Students will program their Carebots using conditions and functions to help care for their pets.

To take advantage of the free game content and resources, all you need to do is sign up for a Kickstart teacher account:

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