Has my child really finished all the levels?

There are 3 coding games with many levels in Kodable available to your child. Select Mission Control from Fuzztopia which opens the game selection screen. Here you can easily check your child's progress in each game by seeing how far the yellow star meter has filled. If the yellow bar is not filled all the way to the right, then there are more levels to play!

Endless creation and practice opportunities!

In addition to the 3 coding games, Kodable also offers 3 rich creation games that apply the coding concepts your child has learned throughout the coding games.

  • Maze Maker: Build, test, solve, and share custom mazes. Try solving the mazes other kids in your family have shared!

  • Fuzz Builder: Use the Fuzz Builder to build lots of their own unique Fuzzes, then play with them in the games. Costumes, accessories, and new features are continuously released.

  • Game Designer: If they are ready for a more advanced challenge, your child can make their own game using variables. How does the game change when the values of variables change? Use KODE to design, construct, personalize, and test an asteroid-blaster game.

Weekly Challenges

Advanced players can take on weekly challenges to apply their coding experience widely! When new challenges are available, tap the pulsing red dot on the rank badge, next to your child's name.

You can see this week's challenges and your child's progress toward meeting them.

Can my child write actual code, like JavaScript or Swift?

Kodable prepares your child for an easy transition from symbol-based code to writing their own code in JavaScript or Swift. When your child has battled all the Slimes in the Bug World game (and learned and applied Object-Oriented Programming languages), we recommend skipping over block-coding apps and writing the real thing!

  • Codeacademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages

  • Head First Books are brain-friendly guides that teach everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects and functions.

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