Calling all pet lovers! Kodable pets is the perfect way to combine robotics and programming with our favorite fuzzy friends! In this article, we will discuss Kodable's mission behind Pets, learn how to decorate Pet Land and how to train and take care of your new favorite family members!

What is 'Pets' all about?

Our new friends aren't just fuzzy and cute, they also help us learn a lot of neat things! Robotics and automation are all around us and continue to evolve. In Kodable Pets, children are able to program robots to help care for their pets. Want your dog, Spot, to be fed instantly? Program your CareBot to give him a cupcake every time he's hungry. As children move through pets, they will be able to increase their code rank, unlocking a variety of CareBots to help their pets thrive!

Locating Pet Land

Once in Fuzztopia, check out the Pet Land treehouse to access Kodable Pets

Decorating Pet Land

Put your coins to use! In Kodable Pets, you have the ability to make your pets living quarters snazzy! To access decorations, click on the tree in the bottom right corner. Select your favorite and you will be redirected to our Store, click on "Buy" and place your new decor anywhere you'd like!

How to Train your Pet

Ready to teach your pet some new tricks? Select the trophy on the top of the screen. Once there, you have the ability to unlock different tricks by playing a game! Match up the arrows to increase your code rank! For tablet users, simply swipe in the direction of the arrow. For PC users, use the arrow keys!

Once you reach Level 6 - a special new feature will unlock making training even easier!

How to Care for your Pet

Pets have three main needs: food, cleanliness and entertainment. When your pet has a need, click on it to receive some options. In the photo below, Spot needs a wash! I am going to choose the sponge. Once clicked, Spot will be happy and your code rank in the corner will increase.

How do CareBots Work

CareBots are little robots in Kodable Pets that can be programmed to automatically attend to your pets needs. CareBots will be unlocked as you progress through the game. In the example below, I programmed Spot to be fed a treat every time he is hungry! This automation allows your pet to be cared for when you're away and help when your pets have many needs at once!

Note: Premium and Premium+ subscribers have the option to enable or disable various areas in the game. Pet Land is automatically enabled but can be disabled using the Manage Fuzztopia tool explained below. Buildings unlock when students earn the keys. Teachers can override the keys students earn and lock building within Fuzztopia at their discretion .

Go to My Classes, Assignments then Manage Fuzztopia

You can chose to lock certain buildings or all of them by moving the toggle to left, locked state and then saving changes.

Note: This is a Premium/Premium+ feature.

We hope you love our furry friends just as much as we do! Happy Coding!

Please Note: Kodable pets is best for children who are aged 7+

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