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πŸ”‘ All About Student Passwords πŸ”‘
πŸ”‘ All About Student Passwords πŸ”‘

Student Passwords are a great way to keep your students' Kodable accounts secure! Read on to learn more!

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Sometimes, students mistakenly (or intentionally) log into their classmates' profiles. To prevent this, teachers have two options for adding randomly generated passwords for their students. Passwords can be enabled and disabled for any class at any time on the teacher dashboard but cannot be reset or customized.

Please note that students will still need to enter their class code before they enter a password.

Enabling Passwords

Passwords are set up in the 'Class Settings' section of a class on the teacher dashboard. There are three options for passwords:


This is the default option and how classes are set up when created by a teacher. Students simply select their profile name to log into their account after entering their class code.


Picture passwords are a great option for pre-readers! Students will be assigned a random picture, visible on their Code Cards. When students enter their class code and select their profile, they will need to select their picture password from a set of pictures to log in successfully. If students enter their picture password incorrectly, they will be prompted to ask for teacher help. If they have three failed attempts, students will be locked out for one minute.


Text (great for older students):

Students will be assigned a text password that is the same as their Parent Code to log in after entering their class code and selecting their profile. Every student profile is assigned a randomly generated Parent Code consisting of seven characters when the profile is created. These codes are visible on their Code Cards and your student roster. When a teacher sets up text passwords, students will need to type the password to log in.

Finding Student Passwords

Student Passwords are located on every student's code card:

You can also reference student passwords on your teacher dashboard under the "My Classes" tab by clicking on "Students" once you're on the class page.
You'll see the student name with their picture password and parent code (text password) if you've chosen the "picture password" option. If you've chosen the "text password" option, you'll only see the parent code.

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