We know how much of a struggle device login can be for teachers, so we created Code Cards as a one-stop shop for student login information.

Code Cards are free and available to all teachers.

What is on a Code Card?

A Code Card contains 3 things for your student:

  • A Class Code - used for logging in to a Kodable School account

  • A Parent Code - used by a child's parent to link a Kodable School and a Kodable Pro account

  • A Password (if enabled) - this can be a picture or text password and is used to keep student profiles secure

When you generate your Code Cards, they come on a sheet like this:

Just print these off and hand them to your students and they'll never forget how to access Kodable!

How To Generate Code Cards

  • Log into your teacher dashboard

  • Click the green "Get Started" button in the top right corner

  • Select the class for which you want to download code cards

  • Your class' login information will pop up

  • Click the green "Print Student Login Cards" to generate the code card sheet

What if I Only Need a Code Card for a Single Student?

Code cards are generated by class. One option is to generate the code cards and then take a screenshot of the individual card needed, and then print the screenshot. Another option is to print out just the one page the desired code card is on, and then cut it out to pass along to the student.

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