If you have a Kodable all-star, take it to the next level with Kodable Home Membership. The Home Membership is a separate game from the familiar Kodable for Schools version, helping kids continue to think like a programmer and enhance problem-solving skills at home. Sign up for exclusive monthly levels and content takes minutes. 

1. Be sure to get your child's Parent code from their teacher, found on their Code Card, or sent via e-mail invitation. If you do not have their Parent code, you can still register and play as a new player without it!

2. Once you have your Parent Code, you can register for a free 7-day trial. Select "parent" as the account type. Alternately, you can download Kodable in the iPad App Store and register there. 

3. Add your child as a player. If you don't have your child's Parent code, add them as a new player.

4. Enter their Parent Code from the code card if you do have it. This will connect their Home Membership with their class at school!

5. Select your preferred free, 7-day trial option and enter your information to get rolling!

Cancelling your trial or subscription

You can cancel your trial or subscription at any time on your Parent dashboard by selecting the "Account Settings" tab and then choosing "Cancel Subscription".

You can always resume your subscription if you decide to try our newest updates and content down the road. We'd love to have you back!

How to use your child's class code to play at home

Kodable School will allow you to use your child's class code that they use at school. It will log them into their school account at no charge to you but is limited depending on the plan the school is on. It will be the same levels and activities they have been playing at school.  Here's how to log in:

Happy Coding!

Questions or feedback? We love hearing from you! support@kodable.com 

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