There are two separate, complementary Kodable products for learners to choose from when logging in to Kodable: Kodable Home and Kodable School. Both login options are available at and in the app.

What's the difference?

Kodable Home gives learners three games to choose from, from drag and drop coding all the way to JavaScript games, with different levels, characters, and creative options than they have at school. Parents can also link with their child's school account using the Parent Code, which will allow access to creations that learners make at school when they're playing at home. Linking a Home and School account is not required and Home learners do not need a School account. The Home Membership includes a 7-day free trial which can be canceled at any time. To log into the Home membership, learners would choose the "Home profile" button when logging in.

Kodable School allows learners to use the same class code that they use at school. It will log them into their school account at no charge but is limited depending on the plan their school is on. It will be the same levels and activities they have been playing at school. Students will be prompted to enter their class code after selecting “School Profile” when logging in.

What's included?

Kodable Home Membership:

  • Free, all-access registration and 7-day trial

  • Up to 4 profiles per account

  • Monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription options

  • Exclusive, monthly levels and brand new content delivered

  • Accessible on iPad, iPhone, and web

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Kodable School Premium:

  • Administrative tools

  • Progress tracking

  • Accessible across devices

  • K-5 scaffolded curriculum

  • Lesson plans

  • Assessment tools for data-driven instruction

  • On-screen practice

  • Payment term

  • School licenses cover the whole school

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