It is not recommended for any student to skip any concept we teach entirely. Our curriculum is scaffolded, meaning that each concept is built upon previous ones.

However, older students might not need as much practice with earlier content as younger students. It is recommended to do at least one lesson plan and one unit of game content for each concept. 

If you would like manually unassign levels for a level or Episode (set of levels) so that your older learners can skip over them, this can be accomplished via the "Assignments" tab on your Kodable Dashboard. Select the game on which you'd like to change level assignments.

Changing the Level Assignments

From here you can assign or unassign any individual level of a game, or entire Episode (a set of levels) of that game. Teachers with paid accounts have access to and can assign all levels of all Episodes in Bug World. Teachers using the Free Trial can assign or unassign only the first 2 levels of each Episode.

  • Tap on "Assign" button under each level to change its status, OR:

  • Tap on the "Assign All" button on the right side of the screen, to change the assignment status of all the levels within that Episode

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