Bug World is a game for learners who have mastered the earlier coding concepts in Smeeborg and Astroidia, or for learners who are just ready to jump into learning by playing with JavaScript!

Teachers: Before starting the Bug World game with your students, we recommend reviewing the Bug World Teacher Guide and watching the Object Oriented Programming video

To access the Bug World game, tap on Mission Control in Fuzztopia, then tap on Bug World on the game selection screen.

Select a level to play!

Home Version:

School Version:

Why can’t my students access some of the levels?

School Version: In some cases, Bug World (or some levels within it) may be unassigned to your class either because it hasn't been assigned or because it is not recommended for the grade level your class is set to, due to its complexity. You can change this!

  • In your Teacher Dashboard, select the Assignments in the left navigation bar.

  • Then select the “View Level Assignments” button under Bug World.

From here you can assign (or unassign) any individual level of Bug World, or entire Episode (a set of levels) of Bug World. Teachers with paid accounts have access to and can assign all levels of all Episodes in Bug World. Teachers using the Free Trial can assign or unassign only the first 2 levels of each Episode.

  • Tap on "Assign" button under each level to change its status, OR:

  • Tap on the "Assign All" button on the right side of the screen, to change the assignment status of all the levels within that Episode

Assigning a level or an entire Episode to your class allows all the students in your class access to those levels. However, each student must still play and pass prior levels that you’ve assigned to unlock the higher levels that you’ve assigned.

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