For families with Home Membership, parents can easily view each of their children's progress and creations.

Where is my parent dashboard?

You can access the parent dashboard two ways:


  • from inside the game.

Select which of your learners to view by tapping on their name

The Overview

Here you can see how far the child you selected has progressed in Kodable! This view also displays recent projects they made.

  • Click on "Projects" to see things they have created using their coding skills.

  • Click on "Progress" to see game levels they completed.

Game Progress

The progress view displays which coding concepts your child has specifically mastered across all Kodable game levels, and gives you a peek into what's to come!

If your child's account is linked to their school account, you can also see progress made at school by tapping on the "School" button.

For even more detail on each concept, tap on the arrow to the right of any of the concepts to see:

  • a level-by-level look at your child's progress

  • levels they have not yet completed

  • a definition of the concept

  • a video explaining the concept

Projects Created with Kodable

See how your child is applying coding concepts creatively by checking out their latest Projects!

Click on any of the projects to view the code and print to post on the fridge!

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