Build student confidence and keep parents informed

You're doing an amazing thing teaching your kids to code. You've started to see great growth in student problem solving and creativity. Now you can share this progress with their families.

Despite being involved they rely on you for guidance on what their child is learning. There are several ways to invite parents from your teacher dashboard. Previously, you could send home certificates or invitations with the "parent code" on it. Now you can easily invite parents to follow along with their child's coding progress from your teacher dashboard.

Now you can send an email invitation to parents from your teacher dashboard. 

  1. Click the "Invite Parents" button. You can find it on the class page and the students page. 

  2. Enter the email address(es) for the parent(s) you want to invite to connect. They will get an email inviting them to join the class. Parents will only be able to see their child's progress and no other identifying information about other students in the class. 

3. Once an invitation is sent the parents will show at the bottom of the list as invited, or connected. A parent is "connected" when they have clicked and accepted the invitation by setting up their parent dashboard. 

You can see how many parents are connected from your class page. 

Common questions about Parent Invitations

What does the invitation look like?

Parents will get an email like the example below inviting them to connect to the class.
When they click the "join class" button they will register for a Kodable account and can see their child's school progress. 

example invitation:

What progress can parents see? 

The progress page for parents looks just like the one you use at school. 

Is this free? 

Yes! Parents can follow their child's progress at school for free. If they would like to offer more practice at home they can also choose to purchase a Kodable Home Membership

What is the difference between viewing progress and getting a parent membership?

When parents create a parent account to view their child's progress, they will not give kids access to play at home. To play at home parents will need to start a home membership that will give them access to different levels than your students have access to at school. 

What is the difference between using a class code or parent code? 

Parents can follow their child's school progress for free by creating a parent account and importing their child's profile with the parent code or by clicking the link in the email invitation, but their child will not be able to play the game. If parents want to give their kids more practice at home they can purchase the Parent Membership. The Parent Membership will give their child access to different levels and activities than at school.  

If you decide you want to give students access to play for free at home you can let them login with the class code, but this will give them access to the same games and activities that they play at school. NOTE: Parents can view progress for free by joining the class via email invitation or parent code and use the class code. 

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