We know how much of a struggle device login can be for teachers, so we created Code Cards as a one-stop shop for student login information. Just print these off and hand them to your students and they'll never forget how to access Kodable! 

Code Cards are free and available to all teachers.

What is on a Code Card?

A Code Card contains a maximum of 3 things for your student:

When you generate your Code Cards, they come on a sheet like this:

 Code Cards are black and white printer friendly

How do I access my Code Cards?

Code Cards can be printed or downloaded directly from your teacher dashboard.

To generate Code Cards for all students

Code Cards can easily be generated for a class by going to the 'Students' section of your teacher dashboard and clicking the 'Print Login Instructions for All Students' button.

To generate Code Cards for a single class

A Code Card can be generated for all of the students in a class by clicking on the 'Students' section of your class dashboard (visible after selecting a class), and then clicking the 'Print Login Instructions' button.

To generate a Code Card for a single student

A Code Cards can be generated for a single student by clicking on the 'Print Login Instructions' button next to your student on the 'Students' section of your teacher dashboard or the class roster page when viewing a single class. 

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