Sometimes students mistakenly, or intentionally, access their classmates accounts. To prevent this, we've given teachers two options to enable randomly generated passwords for their students. Enabling passwords is easy, and can be enabled and disabled for any class at any time.

Enabling Passwords

You can enable Passwords in the 'Manage Class' section of your class dashboard. There are three options for passwords:


This is the default option. Students will simply select their names to log in.

Picture (great for pre-readers): 

Students will be assigned a random picture, visible on their Code Cards. When selecting their name, students will need to select their picture from a group to log in.

Text (great for older students):

Students will need to use their Parent Code to log in. Every student profile is assigned a randomly generated Parent Code consisting of seven characters when they're created. These codes are visible on their Code Cards and your student roster.

Finding Student Passwords

Student Passwords are located on every student's code card.

They are also visible on your teacher dashboard next to each student's name

Using Picture Passwords

Picture passwords will be automatically enabled on all student devices. When students select their name, they will be prompted to select the correct picture or enter the correct code to log in.

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