In the past, students could continue to play Kodable at home using Student Codes. We no longer have student codes, but students can still code at home with their Class Code used at school or extend learning with the Parent Code.  

Both codes are available on the Code Cards downloadable on your teacher dashboard. Learn more about Code Cards and how to print by student, class, or entire school.

You can also invite parents to connect with the class and follow their child's progress for free from home. Learn more about sending parent invitations from your dashboard here

What is the difference between using a class code or parent code? 

Parents can follow their child's school progress for free by creating a parent account and importing their child's profile with the parent code or by clicking the link in the email invitation, but their child will not be able to play the game. If parents want to give their kids more practice at home they can purchase the Home Membership. The Home Membership will give their child access to different levels and activities than at school.  

If you decide you want to give students access to play for free at home you can let them login with the class code, but this will give them access to the same games and activities that they play at school. NOTE: Parents can view progress for free by joining the class via email invitation or parent code and use the class code. 

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