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In early 2017, we integrated our lesson plans to be the central part of our product. With this change, teachers will need to transfer, or 'migrate' their accounts to the new classroom structure. This is especially true if you were previously using Kodable Playlists (which are now a part of classroom management and level assignment). Playlists are now getting a major upgrade. Your classes will automatically be on their grade's pacing and will be stopped at the end of each assigned set of levels a. 

What does this change mean for me?

Kodable now automatically paces content appropriately for students of different ability levels. This means that if you teach students in different grade levels, your Kindergarten students will get more access to basic concepts, while your 5th graders will be more rapidly transitioned to advanced content.
We're also encouraging more intention in programming instruction. To help with this, every lesson in Kodable is matched with corresponding practice levels. Game content will no longer be automatically assigned to students. This means that for students to complete the on-screen practice section of Kodable,  teachers will need to assign practice levels from their teacher dashboard after teaching the concept. 

When do I need to make this change?

During the transition period, teachers will have the opportunity to get one of the new dashboard versions at their leisure. Kodable will continue to function as before until April 20th, 2017. On this date, we will complete the transition for all teacher accounts that have not done so already. On April 20th, teachers who have not completed the transition will have no game content visible until they log into their teacher dashboard to assign it to their classes. 

What happened to Playlists?

Playlists differentiated learning by allowing teachers to stop and start students at various points in Kodable, as well as hide and show grade-specific content to students. In practice, they were used to keep students from 'playing ahead' of the teacher's lesson planning.
After a lot of thought, we decided to integrate playlists directly into the Kodable lesson plans. Now, instead of 'stopping' students from continuing, you have complete control of what shows up on student devices by assigning only the content that students should be working on based on your instruction schedule. This also drastically simplifies how you use Kodable, practice levels are assigned directly from your lesson plan. As soon as you finish teaching, you can assign the corresponding game levels and your students will be off and rolling! 

For example:

If you had playlists assigned to your classes that stopped them at the end of the Sequence content before moving on to Conditions, you set a 'Stop Here' point at the last lesson in Sequence. Now, you would simply assign all of the practice levels in our Sequence curriculum. This will stop them in the same place until you are ready to progress further with your students.

How do I transition my account to the new Kodable?

Transitioning your Kodable account is easy and should take a matter of minutes. 

Step 1: Assign grade levels to your classes

When you first log in, you will see a banner asking you to get the new version of Kodable. Choose that option to get started. 

Step 2: Choose the transition option that works best for you

 We've given you a few ways to make this transition to find the best option that works for you.

With this option, all levels will be locked for your students. You will need to manually assign each of the levels you want your students to see. 

This option is best if

  • You haven't started teaching your students yet
  • You want your student's in-game practice to follow your lesson plans

If you choose to use your class progress, levels will be automatically assigned to your students based on how far they have gotten in the Kodable game. We take the furthest level completed in your class, and assign all previous game content to your students. You also have the opportunity to edit the last lesson your students should have access to.

This option is best if

  • You previously used Playlists
  • You want your students to keep their place in the Kodable game content, but wish to assign levels moving forward
  • You have already been teaching the lesson plans to your students

If you used Kodable Playlists before, you will essentially have a 'Stop Here' point at the furthest lesson your students have progressed . You can edit the last lesson available to change the stop here point. All game content up to and including the last lesson you select will be automatically assigned to your students.

Selecting the K-5 option will make all of the Kodable game content open to you, but will not pace the content for a certain grade level. It will also not prevent students from progressing past the lesson being taught in class.

This option is best if

  • You have finished your coding unit and would like to give students additional content to practice on their own time
  • You are only using Kodable game content with your students (not recommended)

If you have only been using the game content with your class, it is HIGHLY recommended that you take this opportunity to go back and teach the corresponding lesson plans to your students. Student comprehension drastically stuffers without instruction from a teacher, especially when reaching more advanced content.

If you have any questions or trouble with the migration process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support channel! We know how stressful a teacher's day can be, and we want to make this transition as easy as possible.

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