The Game Maker introduces students to JavaScript syntax while guiding students through writing their first lines of code to make their own games! Through the student editor, students will write strings and integers for the properties below and more:

  • The game's background image 
  • The name of their game 
  • Game instructions for players
  • Number of asteroids in the field
  • Fuzz ball speed 
  • Number of points awarded for each asteroid combo

Where do my students go to use Game Maker? 

When students log into their profiles, the Game Maker is available in the 'Create' section of their spaceship.

Why don't my students have access to the Game Maker or many properties to use for their games?

The Game Maker feature is available in the Kodable app or the web version of the game.  Students begin their work with variables in the Strings unit and unlock the  Game Maker after "Asteroidea String Beans",  level 5.5. As students progress through Asteroidea, they will unlock more properties to use in their games.

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