Outside of Kodable's structured lessons and levels, students have the opportunity to create their own custom fuzzes using concepts learned throughout the curriculum. We recommend teaching through the Properties unit before exploring the fuzz builder.

Where do my students go to build a custom fuzz? 

When students log into their profiles, the Fuzz Builder is available in the 'Create' section of their spaceship.

Why don't my students have access to the fuzz builder or many properties to use for their fuzz?

  • Once a student completes any 6 levels, the fuzz builder will unlock on their home screen. 
  • Additional properties to use in fuzz designs will be awarded throughout level completion in the game.
  • Students are awarded fuzz properties as they complete levels throughout all concepts in the game. Properties are awarded based on the number of levels completed.
  • When a new property is awarded, a treasure chest opens and the fuzz parts are shown.

Check out our introduction to the fuzz builder mini lesson, "Fuzzy Friends", in our Lesson Library to get students started.

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