For Teachers: 

Kodable is free to try with your students. We offer a very generous Kick Start account option that includes:

  • Unlimited Student Profiles
  • No Time Limit
  • Introductory Lesson Plans spanning grades K-5
  • Introductory access to all Kodable games for grades K-5
  • Introductory access to all creative content for grade K-5

If you are interested in more content for your students, please direct the purchaser at your school to our Pricing Page for information on the different options that we offer.

For Parents:

Kodable for Parents can be used in conjunction or independently from at-school access. We offer a free, all-access trail to try with your children for evaluation purchases. We're sure they'll love it, and want to show that before asking you to make any purchase :) 

If you love Kodable and would like unlimited access to the entire game, you can purchase our Kodable Parent Plan.

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