Additional content in Kodable can be unlocked in one of two ways.

Your children have not started using Kodable

  1. You need to first add your students to your Kodable dashboard at You should have been prompted to do so when you purchased. If you haven't done this, you will be prompted to when you log in.
  2. When you view their profile by clicking on their name on thetop of the screen, you will see they have been assigned a unique student code.
  3. When using the iPad app, go to add new player and choose the student code option. This should import their profile and allow them to play through all of their content.

Your children have already started using Kodable

If your children were already linked to your parent account, you're done! The content will be unlocked automatically. If not, you will need to import your students into your new Kodable account using your teacher dashboard. You should have been prompted for this option when you registered, but if you did not -

  1. Go to 'Import Player Profile' on the parent dashboard

2. From here, enter your student's profile from their device. This is easily found as a 7-character sequence underneath their name when selecting a profile on the device.   

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