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Unleashing Creativity in Coding: The Launch of Kodable Creator
Unleashing Creativity in Coding: The Launch of Kodable Creator

Learn more about Kodable's newest product, Kodable Creator!

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Introducing Kodable Creator

Kodable Creator is the easiest way for kids to learn how to make their own games! With the help of their AI coding tutor CatBot, students can learn all about computer science through play. Kodable Creator acts as a bridge for students, transitioning them from the solid groundwork of block-based coding in Kodable Basics to the exciting potential of authentic, written code.

Who is Kodable Creator for?

Kodable Creator has been designed for students in 3rd-5th grade and is available to all users on March 25th. Kodable Creator is available for use on the web at

Game Challenges:
Kids can create their own games using a variety of pre-made templates inspired by popular games. Or, they can start from scratch with our free-create mode. The only limit is their imagination.

After choosing a game challenge, students receive guidance from their AI companion, CatBot, who provides step-by-step assistance.

Kodable Creator Platform Overview:

After the challenge tutorials, students will have freedom to edit their code to their choosing. Let's learn more about the specifics of the Kodable Creator platform:


In Kodable Creator, kids craft their games using a variety of objects. Our extensive object library features hundreds of customizable objects that students can easily program with code.

Overview of Coding Concepts:

Kodable Creator celebrates the creativity of coding, affirming that there's no single "right" or "wrong" approach to programming your objects. We encourage students to experiment with the code, click "TEST IT," and explore the adjustments they feel inspired to implement. The main coding concepts within Creator include loops, functions and properties.

Using these main coding principles, students can create a variety of different games!

Who is CatBot?

CatBot is every student's personalized AI tutor. Beyond teaching the game's basic mechanics, CatBot supports students at every turn.

Explore some cool coding tasks CatBot can assist with:

  • Commanding a ship to move left and right

  • Adding 50 tomatoes to the screen

  • Adding code to a specific object

  • Troubleshooting coding bugs

  • and lots more!

How do I get started using Kodable Creator?

Kodable Creator available online using your Kodable class code. The only change is that students will click on the Kodable Creator icon.

Want to learn more? Check out our Getting Started with Kodable Creator Guide that links to additional resources!

Have Questions or Feedback about Kodable Creator?

If you would like to share your feedback on the platform please feel free to reach out to We would be happy to hear your feedback and insights from using the app with your students!

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