Kodable's Home Membership is designed for self-guided, at home learning and is best used as a supplement to coding in school. Kodable for Schools is designed for whole school and classroom use, with student mastery achieved through our Full K-5 Curriculum. Kodable School and Kodable Home are designed to be complimentary to one another; learning at home serves as an extension to coding at school.

Kodable Home Membership:

  • Free, all-access registration and 7-day trial
  • Up to 4 profiles per account
  • Monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription options
  • Exclusive, monthly levels and brand new content delivered
  • Accessible on iPad, iPhone, and web

Learn more at www.kodable.com/parents

Kodable School Premium:

  • Administrative tools
  • Progress tracking
  • Accessible across devices
  • K-5 scaffolded curriculum
  • Lesson plans
  • Assessment tools for data-driven instruction
  • On-screen practice
  • Payment term
  • School licenses cover the whole school

Learn more at www.kodable.com/pricing

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