What is a Parent Code?

Parent Codes connect families to your class! Parents can create an account and see their child's school progress, completely free.

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All students in your class who have a school profile also have a Parent Code associated with their account. Parent Codes serve two purposes:

  1. A Parent Code can be used by parents to set up a free parent account, which includes a dashboard to view their child's Kodable projects and level progress made at school. They'll get free learning materials, and have access to exclusive levels in the Home building.

  2. A Parent Code can be used when setting up a Pro membership to unlock the Pro content at home. With a Kodable Pro membership, parents can add up to four players and access exclusive at home levels and activities. The whole family can get in on the fun!

For both options, parents just need to register for Kodable and enter their child's Parent Code during sign up. Tracking school progress and accessing Parent learning materials at home is completely free.

Where do I find Parent Codes for my students?

Parent codes can be found a few places on your teacher dashboard. The first is under My Classes then Students. Next to each student name, you will find their parent code that can be shared with families at home.

An easy way to send home parent codes is printing their invites. Simply select "Invite Families" button and Print Invites. This will auto-generate invites for all the students in your class with unique parent codes included.

Example of a parent letter below:

To bypass using a parent code you can also invite families digitally, check out this article to learn more.

How does a parent use the Parent Code to create a free account?

Parents can enter the code on the Kodable website or selecting the parent code button in the iOS app.

Both options will guide parents through the sign up process, provide more details about the benefits of learning to code with Kodable, and they will be given the choice to connect for free or begin a Pro Membership free trial.

Are you a parent with a Parent code? Learn more here.

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