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Parent Code Updates

Explore Kodable's revamped parent codes and recent changes for users on free teacher plans.

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Kodable has made recent changes to how students access at home with parent codes. Curious to learn more about these recent changes? Keep reading for all the details!

Parent Code Changes for Free Users

Students now have restricted Kodable access outside of school hours. Kodable will remain accessible during the school day, from 7 am to 4 pm. However, access will be unavailable after 3 pm and on weekends without a PRO Plan. Students can still use their class code at home and their families will have the option to upgrade to a Kodable PRO plan. When parents create a Kodable PRO plan, their students gain unlimited access at all times.

The reason for this change is to maintain Kodable's ability to offer free teacher plans to users and allows us to continue to incorporate exciting new features into our platform.

Where do I find Parent Codes for my students?

Parent codes can be found on your teacher dashboard. One place to locate them is under My Classes then Students. Next to each student name, you will find their parent code that can be shared with families at home.

Are you a parent with a parent code? Learn more here!

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