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How does my child play on their school profile at home?
How does my child play on their school profile at home?

My child wants to play on their school profile at home, how do I connect them?

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Learning to code at home has never been easier! Your child can practice at home on their Kodable school profile by logging in at or in the Kodable iOS app.

To log into their school profile, your child will need their Parent Code. The only way to get their unique parent code is directly from the student's teacher.

How To Use A Parent Code

There are three ways to enter your parent code and get started with Kodable at home.

Option 1: Enter your Parent Code at

Head to our website and click on ENTER PARENT CODE. This will allow you to redeem your parent code and register for an account. You can either start a free, 7 day trial or Skip for Now to track your child's progress for free.

Starting a free trial will connect your child's school account with their new Pro account and unlock the entire Kodable game!

"Skip For Now" will re-direct you to your free parent dashboard where you can view your child's Kodable projects and level progress from school.

Option 2: Enter your Parent Code on your iOS Device

If using an iOS device, using a parent code is easy! Download Kodable from the iOS App Store on iPad or iPhone. Click on Use Parent Code

Enter code and register for an account.

Option 3: Add a Parent Code on an Existing Account

Did you forget to link using a parent code? No worries! Log into your parent dashboard and click Add Student then Use Parent Code. This will import your child's school profile to your account - maintaining all progress.

Wondering if your child has a parent code from school? Reach out to your child's teacher and ask!

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