Learning to code at home has never been easier! Your child can practice at home on their Kodable school profile by logging in at Kodable.com/login or in the Kodable iOS app.

To log into their school profile, your child will need their Class Code. The only way to get their unique class code is directly from the student's teacher.

Open Kodable and select the "login" option.

Select "School Profile" and enter the class code.

Select "Go!" to get a list of student names.

Choose your child's school profile.

Note: if your child's teacher has assigned passwords to students, they will enter their password after selecting their profile name. Depending on what their teacher has set up, they may have a picture password or a text password (parent code). Both password options are found on their code card, which their teacher can provide.

Select the orange "I'm at Home" option. They're ready to play!

What if my child doesn't have a class code or use Kodable at school yet?

If you don't have a class code or you have a Kodable all-star who is ready for more, you can sign up for a Kodable Pro Membership. The Pro Membership has additional Kodable levels, an exclusive store to shop for fuzz costumes and decorations, and is the best way for students to get the most out of Kodable. Signing up for exclusive levels and content takes minutes and you can trial for free!

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