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How does my child play on their school account at home?
How does my child play on their school account at home?

My child wants to play on their school profile at home, how do I connect them? Keep reading to find out how!

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Your child can enhance their coding skills from the comfort of home using their Kodable school profile, accessible through either their class code or parent code!

Option 1: Use a Class Code

The easiest option is to use your students class code! Your student will be prompted to create a Kodable PRO plan after entering in their class code. To learn how to sign in using a class code, take a look at the steps below.

To sign in using a class code from the web click here or visit www. Next, select "Play at School".

Next, students will see the option to enter in their class code.

After your student will select their name from their class list and then can begin coding from home!

Option 2: Use A Parent Code

Another way to sign in at home is by using your students parent code. After signing in with a parent code you will be prompted to create a Kodable PRO subscription.

How do I used my students Parent Code?

There are a few different ways to use a parent code at home! You can use a parent code from the web or from an iPad.

Using a Parent Code

Start by clicking here or visit Next, select "register" from the top right corner of your screen.

Next, select the "Join with a Parent Code" button. You will then be prompted to enter in your students parent code. Wondering where to find your students parent code? Ask your child's teacher for their parent code!

Learn more about our PRO membership access:

PRO Membership Benefits:

  • Extended Content Access: The PRO membership unlocks the entirety of Kodable Education: including Kodable Basics, Kodable Creator and Bug World. Offering a wide range of coding games and activities that go beyond the basics.

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Children can enjoy personalized learning experiences tailored to their skill level and interests, ensuring they're always challenged and engaged.

  • Progress Tracking: PRO members gain in-depth insights into their child's learning progress, including detailed reports on the skills they’ve mastered and the concepts they’re currently exploring.

  • Additional Learning Resources: Access to extra resources like coding challenges and project-based learning activities that foster creativity and problem-solving skills.

Need more support or have additional questions? Please reach out to! We're happy to help!

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