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How to use Maze Maker

Create and share your own mazes in addition to playing and reacting to other kids' mazes around the globe!

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Calling all Maze Makers! Maze Maker is a tool where you can design your own Kodable maze and add unique touches. Want to change the background? Add your favorite characters? Make a tricky level? Well here's your chance!

In Maze Maker, you can share your coolest mazes with other kids. They can react to their favorites and you can even make it on our Weekly Top 10! These mazes will be featured for kids around the world to play. Maze sharing is a way for kids to be creative while having endless coding practice at their fingertips.

Maze sharing is completely anonymous and will not share any personal information about the child. Any questions? Check out our privacy policy.

1. First, you need to unlock Maze Maker by reaching Kode Rank 6.

2. To create a maze, head to Maze Maker in Fuzztopia.

2. Click on Create

3. Click Create one more time. Any draft, saved or published mazes that you've made in the past will show up under My Mazes.

4. Once in Maze Maker, put on your creative hat and design the Maze of your dreams! While building be sure to include a start, end and place all three stars on the maze path.

5. Once finished, Test Your Maze.

6. Now here comes the fun part - to share or not to share? If you want to share your creation, click on the Publish button. Once you do this, other kids in your class or around the world will be able to play and react to your Maze. You will also get to see how many kids have played. Remember, this is completely anonymous and other kids will only see your maze.

Teacher-Tip: Teachers will be able to see all of the mazes students have published. Check out this link for more info.

7. Don't want to share? No problem! Simply press the Save button to keep your maze private.

8. Once back into the Maze Maker homepage, start checking out some other features. If you click on More Mazes - this will bring you to our Top 10!

Pro-Tip: Want to check how many kids have reacted to your maze? Click the mailbox.

9. Once in More Mazes- you can check out out the Weekly Top 10 in each category.

Can you make it in our Weekly Top 10?!

10. When playing others mazes, you can give your opinion. Once you finish a maze, you will get a screen that looks like this. You can choose to react or you can skip.

11. The last feature on Maze Maker is the Rapid Sort - this will show you mazes from kids around the world. Pick your favorite three mazes, play them and earn a reward!

Note: Premium and Premium+ subscribers have the option to enable or disable various areas in the game. Maze Maker is automatically enabled but can be disabled using the Manage Fuzztopia tool explained below. Buildings unlock when students earn the keys. Teachers can override the keys students earn and lock building within Fuzztopia at their discretion .

Go to My Classes, Assignments then Manage Fuzztopia

You can chose to lock certain buildings or all of them by moving the toggle to left, locked state and then saving changes.

We can't wait to see your Mazes! Happy Creating! :)

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