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How do I renew my Kodable license?
How do I renew my Kodable license?

Easily renew your school's license from your Teacher dashboard

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Renewing your Kodable license takes less than two minutes and can be done directly from your teacher dashboard.

Please follow the step-by-step process below to renew your license:

  1. Select the Account page

  2. Select the Billing tab

  3. Select the Renew Now button to start the renewal process.

    Note: Your renewal quote will be prefilled but you may edit any information during this process if you choose.

  4. Select your plan - Fill in the requested information. Choosing "when my subscription ends" will start your next subscription term on the date that your current active plan ends and it will automatically roll into the new subscription.

  5. Enter Billing Information - Fill in your billing information including your name and billing address.

    Note: Your billing contact will receive an email with the invoice link once the order has been confirmed.

  6. What is your payment method? - If you are using a purchase order, please upload your PO by selecting the upload button. If you're not using a purchase order, select 'Continue With A Different Payment Method' and you'll be able to pay your invoice with a check, credit card, or bank transfer.

  7. Confirm your Order - Please confirm your order details and review the Terms. Once reviewed, check the box next to 'I agree to the terms of service' followed by submitting.

  8. You have 45 days to make payment from your teacher dashboard by choosing "Pay Invoice" or the billing contact can make payment via the e-mail copy they will receive of the invoice.

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