When you are ready to assign practice, you'll do so from the lesson plan that correlates with each on-screen level.

Note: If you are not using the lesson plans, or are trying to assign multiple sets of levels at once, you can use the Assignments Tab

To assign the first practice levels:

  1. Select a class from your dashboard.
  2. Select the highlighted lesson (this is based on your class pacing).
  3. Click the "Assign Practice Levels" button in the top right of the lesson. 
  4. Select to assign the levels, and click "OK." 

Your students will now have access to the Kodable game levels for this lesson!

How to Unassign the practice levels:

The on-screen levels are listed at the bottom of each lesson plan under the "independent practice" section. If you'd like to lock the practice levels again for this particular lesson, scroll down to the independent practice section, and click the "Undo Assignment" button.

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