How to: Assign Practice Levels

Learn how to assign practice levels to your students and manage the content they access on their devices.

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Learn how to assign and un-assign specific levels within Kodable.

Note: Assigning practice levels within Kodable is a Premium feature. Request a quote to gain access to this feature. If you are on a free plan, assignments are automatically assigned and you cannot edit them.

  1. Go to My Classes and select View Class.

2. Click on Assignments. Entire planets can be un-assigned and re-assigned to students by checking the box. If I un-checked the box next to Smeeborg, that means my students will no longer have access to that planet.

3. Individual lessons can also be managed. To assign individual lessons, please click the green Edit Lesson Assignments.

4. Check the levels you want to assign or un-assign by clicking the green check. Be sure to hit save when finished.

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