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How to Lock and Unlock Areas of Kodable
How to Lock and Unlock Areas of Kodable

Differentiate your students' learning by assigning different areas of the game.

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Locking and unlocking areas of the game is a fantastic way to differentiate learning for all students! This gives you the ability to control how your students are using Kodable.

Lock and Unlock Planets

The galaxy is the main place that students go to complete coding mazes. In this portion of the article, you will learn how to assign and un-assign planets to your students.

We've just rolled our updates to the Locking and Unlocking feature within the Kodable Galaxy map. The ability to lock or unlock planets is now available to all users! Regardless of your plan, all teachers can take advantage of this feature!

  1. Go to My Classes and select View Class.

2. Click on Assignments. Entire planets can be un-assigned and re-assigned to students by checking the box. If I un-checked the box next to Smeeborg, that means my students will no longer have access to that planet.

3. Individual lessons can also be managed. To assign individual lessons, please click the green Edit Lesson Assignments.

4. Check the levels you want to assign or un-assign by clicking the green check. Be sure to hit save when finished.

Lock Other Buildings in Kodable

To access the locking feature for Pets, Fuzz Builder, Maze Maker, and Game Designer, check out the steps below. Please note that the ability to lock and unlock buildings within Fuzztopia is currently exclusive to users with paid school subscriptions. Free users will not have access to manage these areas.

1. Go to My Classes then Assignments and Manage Fuzztopia. You will be able to lock the following creative areas of the game:

2. Select which areas you would like to lock and click Save.

Manage What Students Can Play at Home

If you do not want your students moving ahead while playing Kodable at home, you can Enforce Assignments at Home. If this is toggled on, the same areas of the game will be locked for students. If it is toggled off, students will have full access of the game.

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