Courses are a fantastic way to differentiate learning for all students! Assigning courses allows you to assign and un-assign various levels for your learners depending on their learning needs. Have a class who is breezing through sequencing in Smeeborg? No problem! Assign them some extra practice in Cloud Haven. Are younger students struggling with loops? Un-assign until they are ready. This gives you the ability to control how your students are using Kodable!

In order to assign or un-assign courses, please follow the steps below.

  1. Select the View Class button in the My Classes section.

Next, select the View Class tab.

2. All of the available courses will be shown under the Assignments tab. Entire courses and individual lessons can be assigned or unassigned. To assign individual lessons, please click the blue Edit Lesson Assignments.

3. Once in Edit Lesson Assignments, you can check the levels you want to assign or un-assign by clicking the green check. Be sure to hit save when finished.

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