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How do I invite teachers to join our school's Premium or Premium+ license we purchased?
How do I invite teachers to join our school's Premium or Premium+ license we purchased?

If you are the account admin for a Premium or Premium+ school account, you can invite teachers in your organization to join the license.

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As the Premium or Premium+ license holder, you can invite teachers at your school to create a Kodable account associated with your license or have their existing free account join the license to unlock the paid content.

The admin privileges on your dashboard allow you to invite teachers to the license, view their classes, students, assign classes to any teacher on the license, and view progress for all classes.

  1. To get started, log in to your teacher dashboard and click the "Admin" tab. 

  2. Click on the blue " + Invite Teachers" button:

3. Enter the e-mail address of the teacher(s) you are inviting to join the license and click invite. Teachers will receive an email and the contents of the email will depend on whether or not the teacher already has an existing Kodable account.

4. Teachers who do not have a Kodable account will have one created for them and will receive an email with a temporary password. Once they click, log in - they will be redirected to their new account and will be prompted to create a new password.

5. Teachers who already use Kodable for free will receive an e-mail with your admin code and will be prompted to use the code to join the license. You will become their admin and the paid content will automatically unlock for them under their account.

If they do not receive the email, please have them check their spam and promotional folders.

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