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How to Add Classes to the Kodable iOS App
How to Add Classes to the Kodable iOS App

Here's how to use a class code to easily help students log in to Kodable.

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Using a class code makes it easy to add your class roster to your students' devices. Once a class is added it makes it simple to log in. All students will need to do is select their class and/or name from the list.

To add your first class:

  1. Download the Kodable app

  2. Open the Kodable app

  3. Click the green "Sign In" button (shown below)

4. You will be asked to enter the Class Code or sync your class from Clever. Choose the option that works best for you.

5. Once you input the code, you will be taken to the class screen where students can select their name to play.

Adding multiple classes on to devices

On your student devices, select the yellow arrow in the top left screen on your current class screen.

Click "Add a Class" in the top right corner.

Enter another class code to add a second class to your device.

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