Communicating with families and parents is important. Your students are learning to code and creating their own programs. Here are 4 ways to communicate with families about how to login at home and share what their kids are learning.

Option 1. Download a CSV to add to your LMS or share directly

Download a spreadsheet with all student login information:

  • Profile name
  • Class name
  • Class code
  • Parent code
  • Password (picture or text)

You can download student info for all of your classes in one place and then easily share the information with students and families.

To download go to your teacher dashboard > COVID-19 tab > "Student Login Info List"

Option 2. Share a URL for easy look up at home

You have a custom URL where families can look up their child's login details.

Families will be able to:

  1. Find their child's class

2. Find their child's name

3. View and download login instructions

Option 3. Download a Welcome Letter in English or Spanish

Communicating what your students will be learning through the year is important. This welcome letter pairs well with any of the other options or can be sent on it's own to each class.

The letter includes:

  • The class code and the instructions for login
  • What K-2 students will learn
  • What 3-5 students will learn
  • Why coding is important

To download the welcome letter go to your teacher dashboard > the COVID-19 Tab > "Letter to Families".

There you can select English or Spanish, and the classes you want to include.

Option 4. Invite families to connect via email

Parents will get an email like the example below inviting them to connect to the class.
When they click the "join class" button they will register for a Kodable account and can see their child's school progress.

Learn more about using email invitations in the help article here.

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