Whether you're teaching from the classroom or from a distance, you can help students (and families) log into their Kodable accounts with our Student Lookup page.

How to get profile login information to students and families

Class URL lookup

  1. Click on the "Virtual Learning" tab on the dashboard.
  2. The very first thing you will see there is your class's unique URL. Copy the link!
  3. Send the class URL to families via email, post to your class page, or share wherever you communicate with students' families.
  4. Parents can look up their child’s class code, password, and get their login instructions.

CSV Export

Click on the "COVID resources" tab on the dashboard. If you want the student profile login info via a CSV export, click the button "export CSV

and select the class(es) to export the CSV for.

The spreadsheet will include all student login information:

  • Profile name
  • Class name
  • Class code
  • Parent code
  • Password (picture or text)

Video Instructions

You can share this short video with students and families to support with step-by-step log-in instructions.

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