Whether you're teaching in person or from a distance, we have resources for you!

Go to your teacher dashboard's Covid-19 page to see a selection of new resources.

Student Login Information

Download a spreadsheet with all student login information:

  • Profile name
  • Class name
  • Class code
  • Parent code
  • Password (picture or text)

You can download student info for all of your classes in one place and then easily share the information with students and families

Worksheet Packets

coding worksheet packets

Looking for unplugged options for students who may not have internet access or devices? Packets are arranged by suggested grade level and include independent, self-guided activities.

Video Lessons

coding video lessons

We've created student videos to explain each of our coding concepts! In addition to the concept videos, we've also created activity videos that teach a concept and include an activity for students to complete.

kodable video lessons

Both video types can be assigned to students directly from your dashboard and will appear for students to view directly from their profile when logged into Kodable.

programming concept videos explain key coding concepts

Remote Learning Kickoff Lesson

start teaching with this remote learning lesson

Introducing Kodable to your students over video? Use the Google Slides Deck to explain what Kodable is, who the fuzzFamily is, and how to get logged in and started.

Letter to Families

Share information with families on how you are using Kodable to teach coding skills remotely. Available in both Spanish and English.

More Ideas from Kodable

Read about our tips and tricks for teaching from a distance, hear from other teachers about their experiences, and get new ideas for your classroom.

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