You can assign video lessons to your students from your teacher dashboard, which will be accessible to students from their profiles on both the app and the web.

What are the video assignments?

Video assignments allow you to share a video directly with students for them to view while logged into their profile.

Video assignments can be either an instructional concept video or an activity video. Concept videos teach students about one of the coding concepts taught in Kodable, while activity videos provide instruction and a prompt for students to complete an activity either in a specified area of the game or off-screen (unplugged).

How do I assign videos?

  1. Select the "Videos" tab on the left side of your teacher dashboard

  2. Choose "Concept Videos" or "Activity Videos".

  3. Find the video you want students to watch

  4. Click "Assign to Students"

How do my students get to their assigned videos?

Students click on the "videos" button while logged into their profile and it will open a viewer (see below) with their assigned videos available.

Videos will see the most recently assigned videos at the top of the page. For example, if you assigned a video last week, another yesterday, and another today, students will see the most recent assignment (today's) first.

(Below is the student view of their video assignments)

How can I see what my students see?

To view and assign the student videos, use the "view" button after clicking the "videos" tab.

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