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How do I see what my students see in the game?
How do I see what my students see in the game?

Skip around assignments on your teacher dashboard or add yourself to a class with your own player profile.

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You can see a "student view" of the game assignments on your teacher dashboard, or you can add yourself to a class and make your own player profile.

Option 1: Kodable Student-View

You can access a teacher demo mode without needing to navigate outside of your teacher dashboard. This is great for modeling an assignment for students or showing students how to access their assignments before they log into their profiles.

  • Log into your teacher dashboard

  • Select the "Student View" tab on the left

  • The game will load within your dashboard and you can navigate as needed.

Option 2: Create a Teacher Profile

Creating your own teacher profile allows you to add yourself to the class roster! You can use this profile to model assignments for students or experience the game exactly like your students will for planning purposes. This profile will have all lessons unlocked and completed.

You can create a player profile from your teacher dashboard:

  • Log into your teacher dashboard

  • Select the "My Classes" tab on the left

  • Select "Students"

  • Choose the blue "+ Add Student" button

  • Add yourself as a student. You can use a variation of your name or simply "teacher.

  • Check "Make this a teacher profile"

  • Choose a class to add yourself to and click "Add Student"

  • Give it a test! Go to the Kodable iOS app or go to and enter your class code. You should see your newly created player profile on the roster.

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