A class code is a unique identifier for your class. You can enter this code on any device running Kodable to gain access to your complete class roster for that class.

A class code should be unique and not commonly used. Anyone with your class code can access your class roster. Your teacher dashboard can automatically generate a unique class code for you. Examples of a good class code are:

  • chpsgrade1

  • simmonscomplab

  • ab182ja

Examples of a poor class code would be:

  • 1stgrade

  • smith

  • blue

How to login with a class code

Preventing students from accessing other accounts

If you would like to prevent students from accessing accounts that are not their own, you can enable Picture Passwords or Text Passwords.

Class codes are great for:

  • Classrooms. Class codes allow you to share a single, easily recognizable identifier with your class to access their student profiles. Students using class codes can access their Kodable student profiles in two taps.

  • Pre-readers and young students. You can enter class codes onto devices and the device will save that code. All the student will need to do is tap on the name of their class and find their name on the class list. Then they're off and rolling!

  • Shared Device Environments. Not in a one-to-one environment? No problem! With class codes multiple students can access their unique profiles on the same device. Students can log into their profile on the device by selecting their name from the class roster, and then log off when they are finished.

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