What is a Class Code?

Use a class code to easily get students logged in to Kodable

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A class code makes your class in Kodable! Entering this code on any device running Kodable will load your complete class roster or Kodable profiles for the class. Class codes should only be used in school while parent codes are used at home.

Learn more about parent codes here.

A class code should be unique and not commonly used. There cannot be more than one class associated with any given class code. Anyone with your class code can access your class roster of Kodable profiles. When you create a class in Kodable you can have our system automatically generate a unique class code for you, or you can customize your code to make it easier for students to remember. Examples of creating an easy to remember, available class code are:

  • chpsgrade1

  • simmonscomplab

  • lionstech3

Examples of commonly attempted/used class codes are:

  • 1stgrade

  • smith

  • blue

Securing class profiles

If you would like to prevent students from logging into profiles that are not their own, you can enable passwords for the class. You can choose between Picture Passwords or Text Passwords:

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