What is a Class Code?

Seamless Kodable Access: Class Codes for School and Home Use

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Kodable class codes are your students' passport to coding adventures—both in the classroom and at home. These unique codes allow students to access their personal Kodable profiles on any device, keeping them engaged in learning no matter where they are.

To find your class code, log into your teacher dashboard.

Students enter their class code when they select "log in". If on iOS devices, the class code only needs to be entered once.

Creating Your Class Code

With Kodable, you have two options: let the system generate a unique class code or customize your own for easy memorization. Opt for meaningful, memorable codes like chpsgrade1 or lionstech3, but steer clear of too-common choices like 1stgrade or smith.

Protecting Student Profiles

Security is a priority. Ensure safe profile access by enabling Picture or Text Passwords, preventing students from logging into accounts other than their own.

Home Access

A great feature of Kodable class codes is the ability for students to log in from home, extending the learning beyond the classroom walls. It's a fantastic way for them to continue their coding journey anywhere, anytime. Please note that after 4pm, students using their class code at home will need a PRO subscription.

Quick Tips

  • Choose a unique, memorable class code.

  • Secure profiles with passwords.

  • Encourage coding at home by sharing the class code with students and parents.

With Kodable, coding education becomes more accessible, secure, and fun for students both in school and at home.

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